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1. iSOFT Health Information Exchange Suite
iSOFT Health Information Exchange Suite collects, stores and shares vital patient data across disparate systems and departments to provide clinicians and organisations access to relevant information in a timely manner.

2. Integration Engine
Our integration solutions address the system interoperability challenges healthcare provider organisations face. Our easy to use integration platforms enable software solutions to share information when needed and in the required form, ensuring seamless integration and letting your best of breed applications communicate with each other.

3. Viaduct
iSOFT Viaduct addresses the interoperability challenge by providing an easy-to-use platform that enables software solutions to share information when needed and in the required form, ensuring seamless integration.

4. Viaduct and the Cloud
Viaduct™ is a service oriented, teamwork-enabled, enterprise integration design studio and runtime that runs on any platform and any device. Put simply, Viaduct is the only solution that enables you to design, build and deploy complex integration processes in the same way you would draw them up on whiteboard.

5. Lorenzo
The foundation of a connected care strategy, Lorenzo solutions enable collaboration and interoperability across all sectors of care and remove traditional barriers to sharing health related information and electronic record management.
Lorenzo creates virtual health networks that securely connect doctors, care facilities and patients while protecting your organisations’ previous investments by integrating seamlessly with existing systems.


6. Lorenzo Care Management UK
The Lorenzo Care Management solution is iSOFT’s next generation Electronic Patient Record offering to the wider United Kingdom and Ireland market.

7. Lorenzo Regional Care NHS
Lorenzo Regional Care is underpinning England’s electronic patient health record implementation. Developed to the exacting specifications of the NHS, this system is connecting care providers and modernising care delivery across England.

8. Lorenzo in the Netherlands
Lorenzo in the Netherlands has been deployed as a web collaboration portal that provides local GPs with access to vital patient data within the St Jansdal hospital systems including diagnostic results, clinical notes, care plans and summaries.

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