Enterprise Scheduling

Proven booking and referral solutions for the healthcare community. Our Enterprise Scheduling enhances staff productivity and patient service by delivering greater operational efficiency and increased patient throughput.

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Scheduling – a Major Challenge

Hospitals have grown into highly specialized and complex service organizations. Hospitals are under increasing pressure to improve efficiencies and service, so cooperation across departments is essential for the efficient management of hospitals.

Enterprise Scheduling solutions offer robust, generic tools to enable hospitals, HMOs and healthcare communities to better manage the scheduling process, reducing inefficiency and improving service.

Key Benefits

Improved staff and customer satisfaction
Every day, a quarter of a million appointments are booked in our Enterprise Scheduling systems across the world. Our clientele consists of blue-chip customers, many of them university and/or large hospitals. With accurate and up-to-date information accessible at any time, staff and customer satisfaction is assured.

Efficiency and cost savings
The impact of our state-of-the-art scheduling solutions on an organization’s efficiency is huge; not only in terms of time and money savings, but also in terms of increased staff satisfaction. Resource occupation is optimized, overhead costs associated with endless calls are reduced, and when deployed across a health organization, cross-hospital activity is regulated at virtually no cost.

Assured quality and accountability
Relevant questions and answers guide the booking assistant and the patient through the booking process ensuring that the right appointment is booked for the patient and that required information is collected. All activity is constantly logged, hence total traceability—an important aspect of quality.

Improved service
With our Enterprise Scheduling suite, service to the patient is not only improved, it is transformed. Swift and accurate information is always readily available; a variety of letters with precise instructions and information are available in the patient’s own language; searches for free slots consider patient’s own criteria and preferences; 24/7 service via call center during non-business hours and a reminder service via e-mail or SMS ensures a seamless service.


UltraGenda Pro – For Appointment Scheduling
UltraGenda Pro is the heart of our Enterprise Scheduling suite. An enterprise-wide scheduling solution, UltraGenda Pro is web-native and rules-based and is extremely user-friendly, robust and reliable. It integrates with dozens of HIS components, including RIS and other departmental applications. The solution supports the planning of the primary and secondary resources such as physicians, operating rooms and modalities. UltraGenda Pro is the reference point for enterprise-wide scheduling and is used in hundreds of leading hospitals across the world.

UG Broka - For online referrals and bookings
The volume of referral and booking transactions in hospitals is substantial. UG Broka is an online referral and booking platform that brings the convenience of the internet to referrals and bookings. The UG Broka platform is integrated into existing customer websites or web portals or with UltraGenda Pro.

UG Track Pro
For follow-up of planned appointments procedures and exams are often rescheduled to other timeslots or other rooms. Appointments planned in UltraGenda Pro can be made available in UG Track Pro for rescheduling and follow-up. The rescheduling takes place via ‘‘drag and drop’’ and leads to a concrete work program for the department and the day concerned. Time stamps registered during the procedure lead to a real-time progress view of all procedures and resources.

UG Contacts Store
UG Contacts Store is our Enterprise Scheduling datamart - a subset of data relating to the scheduling and follow-up of appointments. That data is collected systematically and in real-time by the data warehouse so that the customer can reach the information they need at any time. UG Contacts Store is fed permanently from UltraGenda Pro and UG Track Pro. The data can be disclosed, analyzed and shared by means of third-party business intelligence software.


iSOFT’s Enterprise Scheduling solutions undeniably offer the most powerful scheduling tools for the health sector, both in terms of functionality and stability.

Helga De Neve,
CIO, AZ St Jan General Hospital, Bruges, Belgium

Case Study

After being an early adopter of iSOFT’s enterprise-wide scheduling solution, AZ St Jan Hospital went one step further and implemented a referral and booking portal, enabling physicians to refer patients to the hospital and patients to book their own appointments.

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