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Lorenzo Regional Care is underpinning England’s electronic patient health record implementation. Developed to the exacting specifications of the NHS, this system is connecting care providers and modernising care delivery across England.

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Lorenzo Regional Care has been developed in line with the exacting specifications of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), the world’s largest and most complex public sector health IT program. Forming one of the key systems for the creation of a local care records service, Lorenzo will connect the patient records of 30 million people across 60% of the England’s National Health Service (NHS).

The English NPfIT is the world’s first procurement program on behalf of an entire national health community. The program seeks to modernise healthcare delivery across England and better address issues of patient safety, clinical effectiveness, cost, governance, access to care and person-centered delivery through the creation of electronic patient health records.

Lorenzo Regional Care was chosen to be one of the key systems on which to base the creation of the English local care records service. As an enterprise solution for care that supports the provision of connected health services across natural clinical communities or health economies, Lorenzo precisely fits the NHS IT strategy.

The Lorenzo Regional Care implementations are covering six of the 10 Strategic Health Authorities in England (North East, North West, Yorkshire and The Humber, West Midlands, East Midlands and East of England) and supporting health services at some of the UK’s biggest and busiest hospitals. Lorenzo will link GPs to their local health trust and become an intrinsic part of health care provision for over 30 million people.

Extensive involvement by NHS clinicians and support staff has ensured that the Lorenzo solution is configured to support NHS requirements and existing unique processes such as the 18 week patient pathway. Direct involvement of early adopter Trusts in subjecting new releases to intensive design reviews and operational readiness evaluations further ensures that the solution fully meets the NHS’s requirements. Lorenzo also allows upgrades to be done whilst the system is running and enables trusts to upgrade independently, providing an extremely high level of clinical service support.

Lorenzo also offers the NHS added flexibility with enhanced interoperability functionality. Existing systems can be reused, allowing local trusts to implement a phased migration across to the complete Lorenzo solution, reducing the immediate capital expenditure requirement, and ensuring users have time to become accustomed to new functionality. Each local trust is supplied with a bespoke project plan that lets them implement functionality according to their own priorities and timetable.

This interoperability allows care providers to not only share data but to also participate in integrated care management processes. Cross-organisation processes such as clinical documentation, multi-disciplinary assessments, scheduling and referral management allow all parties involved in a patient's care to stay abreast of their status and progress.

The Lorenzo architecture has allowed the NHS to implement a single Lorenzo master patient index and clinical database with extensive functional and data access controls. By exercising measures such as Role Based Access Controls, a Legitimate Relationships Service, data sealing and locking, and individual consent to data sharing requirements, Lorenzo ensures a secure and reliable connection between care providers.

This focus on system security and privacy safeguards puts patients in control of their sensitive information. Smartcard based access to the system with single role log ins and complete security logs ensure only authorised users may view data and that any privacy breaches or misuses of the system can be tracked. Further to this Lorenzo allows individual patients to declare specific elements of data to be visible only to nominated individuals. These measures give both patients and clinicians confidence that particularly sensitive data about the patient is protected from unauthorised access

The complete NHS Lorenzo Regional Care implementation will result in a system that helps providers deliver services to the patient quickly, conveniently and seamlessly. Staff will be supported in the delivery of integrated care with effective electronic communication tools, better knowledge management, easier to access vital information, and the improved accessibility of specialised expertise. Overall management and delivery of services will be improved by provision of good quality data to support NSFs, clinical audit and governance. Lorenzo is revolutionising the English healthcare system by putting the patient first and providing contextually relevant access to vital patient information across the entire continuum of care.


By implementing iSOFT’s clinical management software, we have a head start... especially [in] the consolidation and sharing of patient information to support better decision making.

Dr. Bob Young,
Consultant Physician and Medical Director (Clinical Effectiveness), Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust

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Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust wanted to take full advantage of electronic patient records without the wholesale replacement of existing departmental systems. Information from a dozen systems is now organised in structured electronic documents that give all users an at-a-glance view of a patient’s medical history.

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