Lorenzo in the Netherlands

Lorenzo in the Netherlands has been deployed as a web collaboration portal that provides local GPs with access to vital patient data within the St Jansdal hospital systems including diagnostic results, clinical notes, care plans and summaries.

CSC Solutions

Lorenzo in the Netherlands has been deployed as a web collaboration portal that provides GPs with access to vital patient data within St Jansdal hospital systems. This phased implementation has provided GPs with a complete overview of patient records and full access to diagnostic results, clinical notes, care plans and summaries.

iSOFT has been providing Dutch hospitals with Hospital Information Systems since 1991 and it was from this working relationship that the LORENZO Netherlands implementation was developed. iSOFT has been active in helping Holland’s healthcare system improve connectivity between GPs and hospitals to facilitate complete and comprehensive sharing of patient data. Starting with the implementation of LORENZO in the St Jansdal hospital system and expanding out to incorporate a national medication history system and a GP viewer portal, our solutions are providing Dutch GPs with tools that improve their patients’ care.

The Netherlands Lorenzo solution was developed in response to the need for a more effective way to transfer patient data between local GPs and hospitals. The previous system was a paper based approach that relied on written and telephone requests for data. The result was mailed print outs of patient data and specialist’s opinions that the GP was then forced to collate and keep in their own, incomplete archives. This system was time consuming, added to administrative costs for both GPs and hospitals and resulted in unnecessary duplication of tests and hospital visits for patients.

Developed in conjunction with the St Jansdal hospital system and based on requirements drawn up by the local GPs themselves, the Lorenzo Netherlands solution represents a commitment to improving patient care by giving their primary care providers better and faster access to all their relevant information.
Lorenzo gives local GPs full and direct access to the patient records themselves. They can view all letters, laboratory related items, x-rays, test data and any other information the hospital has collected on their patient through a web viewer. The simple and intuitive interface makes accessing patient data more convenient and provides a more complete overview of the patient’s record for their GP.

For GPs the Lorenzo solution has lead to quicker diagnosis and treatment, improved access to specialist knowledge and reduced paperwork. Hospitals have improved their service and responsiveness to referring GPs while reducing their paperwork and administrative burdens. The patient experience has been dramatically enhanced by a reduction of extraneous testing and hospital visits combined with an increased understanding of their condition and the treatment needed by their GP.

Following the success of Lorenzo in connecting GPs to the patient record, St Jansdal is extending the functionality and interconnectivity of the solution beginning with a paperless clinic pilot currently underway in the surgical department.

The next step for iSOFT is working with St Jansdal to develop applications that extend Lorenzo functionality to mobile devices. Mobile devices will yield benefits to efficiency and workflow by allowing for instant interaction with patient records by relevant staff. For example,  nurses can use handheld devices transfer patient information such as temperature and pulse directly into the Lorenzo electronic patient record from the ward.

The phased approach taken at St Jansdal highlights the flexibility of Lorenzo to incorporate changing requirements and extended functionality. In conjunction with the proposed mobile devices, a national medication history log and integrated GP viewers, Lorenzo represents a comprehensive electronic patient health record solution.

Medication Histories
Outside of Lorenzo iSOFT has connected four other Dutch hospitals to a national system that shares complete patient medication histories. This system is especially vital to patient safety during emergency visits as it gives specialists and healthcare providers a full and up-to-date profile of medications, regardless of where in the Netherlands the medication was administered.

GP Viewer
A roll-out of the iSOFT GP Viewer portal is currently underway at Harderwijk hospital. 67 local GPs and six nursing home GP’s are now connected to the hospital and are able to view patient records as well as laboratory, radiology and pathology reports. This has reduced administrative burdens for both the GPs and the Hospital by removing the need for paper based communications and the archiving of patient records in multiple locations. Again, the patient has benefited with better treatments as a result of the improved access to complete records, knowledge and specialist advice gained by their GPs.