Lorenzo Care Management UK

The Lorenzo Care Management solution is iSOFT’s next generation Electronic Patient Record offering to the wider United Kingdom and Ireland market.

CSC Solutions

Based on the proven functionality of Lorenzo Regional Care, tried and tested within the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), Lorenzo Care Management is fully compliant with NPfIT standards and services. At the same time, the Lorenzo Care Management solution offers an enormously flexible approach to implementation, integration and localisation.

Lorenzo Care Management creates a comprehensive Electronic Patient Record (EPR) that combines rich clinical functionality with full care management tools for both inpatients and outpatients in acute, community and mental health facilities.

Lorenzo delivers benefits to healthcare professionals, organisations and patients by connecting all areas of the healthcare system and encouraging greater efficiencies and cost savings. Lorenzo’s flexibility means there is a solution for every organisation, which can evolve in line with changing healthcare delivery needs, contractual obligations and the lifecycles of existing products.

Our solutions directly benefit users by improving communication between professionals and organisations and reducing duplicated effort, ordering and documentation. This leads to improved outcomes due to earlier intervention, better decision making, more efficient resource utilisation, improved workload management, improved patient safety, quicker adoption of best practice, better coordination with community based colleagues, improved communication with patients and less data loss.

The extended integration and interoperability capability of Lorenzo Care Management provides our clients with the tools needed to create service wrappers for legacy applications and integrate them with Lorenzo services in a flexible, service-aware integrated network. We offer our clients a fully bespoke adoption package that is tailored to their unique requirements and timetables.

Lorenzo helps clinicians deliver high quality care in a secure and user friendly environment. Shared access to an EPR helps improve decision making and reduces clinical risk. By recording data directly to the EPR users no longer have to continually re-enter information and role based access ensures information is shared appropriately while maintaining patient confidentiality.

For patients Lorenzo helps enables consistency of care and helps their carers make informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment. Our patient-centric design protects patient privacy while helping improve the quality of front line healthcare. Granting providers complete visibility over patient record ensures patients no longer have to explain or repeat information to each healthcare provider leading to more streamlined and faster services.
Lorenzo is built on a modular, flexible and interchangeable Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is designed for interoperability. Based on proven international standards the SOA interacts with with other systems to improve communication and support workflows. The Lorenzo solution ensures secure information access and continuity of care across all care settings and multiple devices that is flexible and scalable to ensure changing demands can be met.

The comprehensive care management tools offered by Lorenzo lets healthcare organisations improve all facets of their service provision and represents a giant leap forward for the integration of technology into healthcare provision across the UK and Ireland.