Patient Management

iSOFT Patient Management enhances the patient flow from admission to discharge by developing a shared electronic record that contains all of the required information on a patient's progress.

By making relevant information readily available our solutions assist with scheduling efficiency and deliver you increased productivity.

CSC Solutions

iSOFT Patient Management solutions provide you with an efficient and seamless Patient Administration System that is browser based and easy to use.

Function rich and able to integrate with existing external applications, our solutions are flexible, fully customisable, and deployable across multisite environments.

Key Benefits

  • Well-suited to co-existing public and private facilities
  • Simplifies work processes
  • Provides easy access to external databases
  • Ensures accurate data collection with front end edit checks
  • Supports a multi-tier environment
  • Enables scalability, high performance and fault tolerance
  • Utilises standard browser technology for easy deployment across the hospital network
  • Allows access from any workstation
  • Enables secure remote access to information and tools
  • Fully customisable to include hospital specific information
  • Easy migration 
  • Exploits synergies in patient care, higher levels of efficiency and the associated cost savings
  • Easy to learn and intuitive to use
  • Provides flexible access to complete patient record 
  • Comprehensive reporting

Solution Overview

Lower Cost
Leverage your existing investment in technology and training

Easy Migration and Upgrade
Manage the upgrade process and ensure minimal disruption to your team and facilities read more...

Customer Support
Log straight into Customer Support

Ensure the security and integrity of your systems

Solution Detail

Lower Cost

Leverage your existing investment in technology and training and reduce your network and hardware costs by implementing a browser based solution. Software updates need only be performed on the server rather than each PC and existing internet enabled workstations require no new hardware.

Easy Migration and Upgrade

Our Solutions Delivery Team has developed standard migration templates and tools to manage the upgrade process and ensure minimal disruption to your team and facilities. Drawing on our 25 years of proven implementation experience our team will work with your Project Manager to identify the most appropriate migration strategy for your organisation. We provide you with full Project Management, installation, and training services including:

  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Improved documentation
  • Online help

Customer Support

Our centralised web based support means you can log straight into Customer Support with your own secure password.  Accessed via our website, this service lets you create, manage and report your own service calls.


Like all iSOFT solutions, our Patient Management systems support:- 

  • Secure network protocols 
  • Mandatory methods to authenticate users
  • Emerging authentication technologies such as biometrics
  • Clear audit trails 
  • Controlled access to both data and functions


iSOFT’s Patient Management solution solved all the functions and needs of HSC’s objective to move to a paperless environment. We were able to customise the Patient Management solution and link the different departments in the medical center including our financial system to the one system. This has created a user friendly, easy to use system that can be accessed, wherever and whenever.

Dr. Soo Chee Siong,
Medical Director, HSC Medical Center

Case Study

HSC Medical Center pioneering the way for an integrated hospital information system.

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