Medication Management (MedChart)

iSOFT Medication Management (MedChart) supports end-to-end medication management from prescribing, medication monitoring, and dispensing through to administration. The solution incorporates clinical data from the patient’s record and external databases to provide a coordinated approach to patient care.

CSC Solutions

iSOFT's Medication Management (MedChart) solution lets you replace paper medication charts in acute Hospitals, aged care facilities and community health centres.  Utilising web based technology our solutions link prescribing, formal pharmacy review, and drug administration with minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure.
With an open architecture design that integrates seamlessly into your existing administrative and clinical systems, our solutions help you reduce medication errors, enhance your communication, and streamline the pharmacy supply chain.

Key Benefits

  • Improves patient safety
  • Improves quality of care
  • Improves efficiency

Solution Overview

Medication Management
Reduce risk and improve efficiency throughout the entire medication process read more...

Reference Viewer
Integrate data from multiple data sources using our inbuilt Reference Viewer read more...

Decision Support
Provide multiple decision support functions

Offline Chart Backup Facility
Ensure that your information is available at all times read more...

Report Generator
Generate improved reports with our sophisticated data filter

Run a web based application

Solution Detail

Medication Management

Our Medication Management solution reduces risk and improves efficiency throughout the entire medication process. From the doctor prescribing, through clinical pharmacy review to medication administration by nurses, our solutions ensure you prevent unnecessary patient suffering due to adverse drug events while enabling more efficient delivery of care as well as significant cost savings. 

Our clinician-designed interface allows your staff to access real time information whether they are at the bedside or at a remote location. Our solutions are underpinned by a sophisticated decision support engine that allows you to implement your clinical business rules as an integral component of the medication management process.

Reference Viewer

Our inbuilt Reference Viewer provides you with the ability to integrate data from multiple data sources including:

  • Generic drug monographs and class information provided by the Australian Medicines Handbook
  • Brand prescribing information sourced from MIMS, including consumer medicine information
  • Best practice guidelines sourced from the Therapeutic Guidelines
  • The Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital Paediatric Pharmacopeia
  • Locally developed guidelines

Decision Support

Our solution features clinical decision support and a rules engine to provide multiple decision support functions including:- 

  • Drug to allergy and intolerance warnings 
  • Drug to drug interactions 
  • Therapeutic duplication 
  • Pregnancy warnings 
  • Wrong dose - high, low and cumulative 
  • Abnormal organ function requiring changes to dosage 
  • Changing serum drug levels 
  • Late or missed medications 
  • Disease specific protocols 
  • Restricted formulary lists 
  • Locally defined clinical and business rules

Offline Chart Backup Facility

Our Offline Chart Backup Facility ensures that your information is available at all times, even during a system outage. A real time duplication of a patient’s most recent medication chart is always maintained on a designated computer in the system. In the case of a system failure, you have the ability to print charts and continue medication management manually until system access is re-established.

Report Generator

The Report Generator is a sophisticated data filter that creates data audits and reports based on accumulated patient medication data.

The Technology

Our web based architecture means there is no requirement for any of the application software to be installed on your users’ computers. Our software is run from a central server and is accessed using Internet Explorer. This makes it:-

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to deploy
  • Straightforward to maintain
  • Capable of running in installations ranging from small clinics, through regional or state based health institutions to a full national shared electronic health record system