Enterprise Management

iSOFT Enterprise Management transforms the way healthcare facilities operate by improving access to timely financial, patient and clinical information. Scalable to assist large and multi-site health organisations like multi-provider medical centres, major hospitals or a large network of area health services, our enterprise management solutions enhance interconnectivity to benefit the whole organisation.

CSC Solutions

CSC Enterprise Management solutions help you deal with the vast amounts of data your institution generates. Our solutions let you direct information around your organisation accurately and deliver it exactly where it’s needed by connecting everything from patient demographics to clinical data and financial reports.

Key Benefits

  • Automates processes across your administrative and clinical departments
  • Makes your patient care data available in real time
  • Enforces your clinical documentation standards and safeguards against medico legal outcomes
  • Enables scheduling of multiple resources based on demand
  • Interfaces with external solutions to exchange critical patient information
  • Supports mobile or point of care computing
  • Future proofed to protect investment
  • Scalable to meet future demands of the organization
  • Improves Patient Safety by eliminating treatment errors due to lack of information
  • Integrated yet modular to accommodate varying needs and budget limits.
  • Supports phased implementation

Solution Overview 

Functional Services
Maintain a complete picture of each patient by creating and keeping detailed records across multiple sites read more...

Architectural Services
Standardise care across your institutions to ensure a consistent care experience read more...

Enterprise Services
Scalable and suitable for institutions of varying types and sizes read more...

Solution Detail

Functional Services 
CSC Enterprise Management solutions let you maintain a complete picture of each patient within your organisation by creating and keeping detailed patient records across multiple sites and care settings. 

  • Keep records consistent with powerful identity management tools
  • Use across multiple settings including outpatient clinics, day care organisations and more
  • Utilise powerful planning and scheduling functionality
  • Operate efficiently with enterprise financial controls
  • Provide a clear, immediate view of patient records at the point of care  
  • Automate common processes to ensure consistent treatment across care locations
  • Structure care documentation for specialist disciplines including oral health, maternity and paediatrics  
  • Bring clinical support departments closer to the heart of enterprises with dedicated tools 
  • Implement closed loop medication management, from electronic prescriptions to administration at the point of care  
  • Manage inventory and scheduling in every environment, from the operating theatre to the kitchen

Architectural Services
Our solutions help you standardise care across your institutions to ensure you deliver the the best treatment and the most consistent care experience.

  • Measure the quality of treatments and procedures to achieve consistent quality
  • Configure data and workflow to meet your processes, rules, and functions
  • Support the use of international terminology code sets including ICD, NANDA, and CPT

Enterprise Services
CSC Enterprise Management solutions are suitable for institutions of varying types and sizes from small primary care organisations, such as GP surgeries and family clinics, to large research-led academic hospitals.

  • Scalable for deployment in healthcare enterprises of any size
  • Multilingual support
  • Suitable for health economies at various stages of development
  • Accessible with hand held devices and web
  • Industry-leading technology  based on the Oracle 10g database 
  • Developed using J2EE standards for hardware independence
  • HL7 compliant and able to integrate with third-party solutions 


iSOFT’s Enterprise Management solution is fundamental in driving major improvements in management and patient services by providing ready access to timely financial, patient and clinical information.

Dr. Viroje Changkolwatana ,
Project Manager and medical faculty Deputy Dean of information technology