Simplify your billing processes with iSOFT Billing solutions. iSOFT's vast experience across many geographies enables us to deliver localised solutions to meet your particular government and health funding requirements.

CSC Solutions

iSOFT Billing solutions help you simplify your billing processes. With over 25 years experience in developing hospital and clinic billing solutions, we understand the impact effective billing has on your ability to manage cash flow and optimise your bed utilisation.

Key Benefits

  • Sends accurate bills quickly
  • Manages remittances
  • Improves your processing of Health Fund submissions
  • Reduces time to remittance
  • Ensures your patients are properly funded

Solution Overview

In Hospital claiming
Improve your billing process to bill and receive remittances quickly read more...

Online Eligibility Checks
Integrate Online Eligibility Checks

Solution Detail

In Hospital Claiming

Improve your billing process to bill and receive remittances quickly and accurately with our In-Hospital Claiming solutions.

  • Automate your claims and remittances from Health Funds
  • Utilise Front End edit checks to improve the quality of your health fund submissions
  • Speed up processing at health funds
  • Reduce the time between submission and remittance to enhance cash flow
  • Automate your remittance advices to aid data quality by reducing input errors

Online Eligibilty Checks

Our solutions feature integrated Online Eligibilty Checks to help you instantly confirm that your patients are properly funded.

  • Ensure you receive payment for your services
  • Help your patients better understand their financial obligations
  • Establish that your patients are properly funded prior to being admitted and/or discharged