iSOFT Radiology is designed to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing diagnostic imaging environment. Integrated with best practice picture archiving and communication systems, these solutions facilitate the transition to a filmless environment and provide instant access to critical patient information at the right time.

CSC Solutions

iSOFT Radiology Information System solutions deliver you fast reporting, integrated billing and workflow efficiency.

Designed to help your Radiology Department meet the requirements of the rapidly changing diagnostic imaging environment, our solutions are future proofed, enable communication with clinicians both within and outside the hospital, and can be extended to include nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and mammography.

Key Benefits

  • Marked efficiency increases
  • Higher patient and clinician satisfaction
  • High software quality
  • Significantly reduced support costs
  • Best practice configuration
  • Fast and easy implementation of large projects
  • Visible cost savings due to higher efficiency
  • Safe future due to investment protection

Solution Overview

Workflow Support
Our solutions provide the ideal software support for your radiological workflow read more...

Intelligent Appointment Manager
Improve workflows and better manage your resources with our flexible appointment navigator read more...

Smooth Request Management
Document additional information on the patient during request compilation read more...

Transmit Data Securely
Improve your patient data integrity while reducing the associated time and personnel costs read more...

Efficient Billing
Support all billing types and simplify the entire billing process read more...

Report Management
Create reports using a multitude of options

Easy and Fast Encryption
Automate encryption of data

Digital Communication with Clinicians
Integrate with off site physicians and clinicians simply and securely read more...

Business and Workflow Analysis
Improve your strategic and department review

Hospital Integration and Networking
iSOFT is one of the founding members of the “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise” (IHE) initiative read more...

PACS Integration
Integrate PACS into your radiological information systems

Solution Detail

Workflow Support

Our solution provides the ideal software support for your radiological workflow. The different workflow profiles in the system enable simple and safe operation.

  • Prevent unnecessary waiting times with intelligent request management
  • Follow patients virtually to free your radiology personnel
  • Fully integrate PACS into your workflow and communications
  • Make internal or external images and reports available to clinicians
  • Legally sound and secure communication and storage of all your reports, electronic data and scanned documents
  • Minimal training required
  • Provides users with clearly structured and self-explanatory dialogues

Intelligent appointment management

Our solutions feature a flexible appointment navigator that helps you improve workflows and better manage your resources by providing an ideal system overview.

  • Generate optimised appointment suggestions using fuzzy logic
  • Utilise your expensive resources efficiently while at a high capacity
  • Automate additional preferences and default settings for scheduling appointments
  • Locate and coordinate multiple appointments for the same patient quickly and easily
  • Display the status of each appointment
  • Make requested examinations visible in your task lists immediately

Smooth Request management

Our Radiology solutions let you document additional information on the patient during request compilation.

  • Automatically display a patient’s current status
  • Provide your users with a clear overview of all pending requests at any time
  • Display frequently used diagnoses and treatments for direct selection
  • Request examinations directly from your wards
  • Allow external clinicians to request examinations, receive reports and images, and be informed about changes and cancellations of appointments
  • Send relevant examination information and patient history parameters straight to your clinicians’ workstations
  • Integrate patient transport into communications between the ward and radiology

Transmit Data Securely

 iSOFT Radiology improves your patient data integrity while reducing the associated time and personnel costs.

  • Transmit your patient’s data directly to an image feed modality
  • Return information from image feed modalities to the RIS
  • Improve your data entry security
  • Significantly reduce your time and personnel costs

Efficient Billing

Our integrated billing manager and confirmation system supports all billing types and simplifies the entire billing process to reduce wasted staff time.

  • Establish different billing contexts
  • Make data automatically available for confirmation.
  • Link the capture of a multitude of data and fee codes
  • Integrate form templates for health insurance billing
  • Automate and integrate private patient billing
  • Implement a complete fee codes error log and a direct error check
  • Bill by volume
  • Centrally modify, view and amend all your billing information
  • Generate invoices for outstanding payment easily
  • Organise your payment tracking and dunning process

Report Management

Our solutions provide a multitude of options for creating reports, including text modules, digital dictation and voice recognition.

  • Combine various working methods
  • Allow your employees to work in their preferred method
  • Make relevant information easily available to the physician
  • Use a single click to open images, initiate online dictation, or feed patient data and images into demo lists for interdisciplinary report discussion
  • Configure report workflow to suit your needs
  • Track forwarding of reports to clinicians digitally or via barcode
  • Automatically write protect your reports

Easy and Fast Encryption

iSOFT Radiology solutions permit encryption based on different codes, including ICD and ICPM.

  • Search using multiple criteria
  • Transfer encryption keys online to a hospital information system or to billing
  • Automatically encrypt during the recording of services
  • Establish and maintain a keyword based search system during ongoing operation

Digital Communication with Clinicians

We provide you with a secure and simple way to integrate with off site physicians and clinicians.

  • Allow data to be easily accessed at any authorised, internet enabled workplace 
  • Enable clinicians to request radiological examinations, receive reports and images, and be informed about changes and cancellations of appointments
  • Facilitate direct booking of appointments by authorised clinicians
  • Give your patients a personalised information sheet as a printout or by email
  • Make reports and associated imagery available via a web portal for viewing by referring physician 
  • Show scheduled appointments and completed examinations on patient overview
  • Allow corresponding studies to be linked and viewed with PACS integration
  • Control access with the rights administrator
  • Ensure secure data transmission, and guarantee data protection, with encryption options and viewing restrictions

Business and Workflow Analysis

Our solution permits a multitude of analyses and queries for strategic department review.

  • Query specific criteria information relevant to your needs
  • Filter and display your results graphically
  • Monitor all your pending and completed requests
  • Monitor patient report status

Hospital Integration and Networking

iSOFT is one of the founding members of the “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise” (IHE) initiative. This body seeks to efficiently close information gaps between administrative patient management systems, radiological information systems, PACS and modalities through standards such as DICOM and HL7. Our solutions are consistent with this approach and allow for easy integration with existing and future systems.

  • Standards based
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Maximise your investment protection
  • Decrease your dependency on individual providers

PACS integration

iSOFT has extensive experience integrating PACS into radiological information systems.

  • Integrate any PACS based on DICOM
  • Integrate several different PACS systems at the same time within a single installation
  • Synchronise images in your PACS viewer with online dictations and preliminary reports
  • Provide yourself a high level of future security


What is required of a modern Radiology Information System is pretty clear - a continuous workflow from registration to the examination to the ward and in the theatres.

Dr. Hermann Helmberger,
Chief Physician for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Case Study

In the space of five years the Radiology Department at the Dritter Orden Hospital has become fully digitised. iSOFT has delivered the hospital a comprehensive solution covering their radiology needs from examination through to the ward and into the theatres.

Read the Dritter Orden radiology case study