iSOFT provides comprehensive laboratory information management systems that are compatible with common information standards and industry protocols. Our laboratory solutions help scientists, technicians and management staff to track samples and testing processes, communicate results to other health professionals, monitor costs and create reports.

CSC Solutions

iSOFT Laboratory Management solutions provide you with fast, safe and effective information sharing across the entire laboratory process.

Encompassing specialist functionality for blood sciences, transfusion medicine, cellular pathology and microbiology operations, our laboratory solutions simplify the management of your laboratory and can scale to address expanding and multi-site laboratory organisations.

Designed to improve workflow and able to give managers complete visibility over operations, iSOFT Laboratory solutions are fully customisable and can be modified to meet to meet your specific requirements.

More than just a system for connecting your analyzer equipment, producing results and recording statistics for routine tasks, our Laboratory Management solutions are designed to help you improve organisational efficiency and provide the highest standards of safety and quality.

Key Benefits

  • Provides comprehensive information management
  • Automates processes
  • Shares information between laboratories and care providers
  • Improves efficiency
  • Streamlines communication
  • Patient focused
  • Intelligent workflows guide users through complex analysis processes
  • Multi-site capability
  • Powerful reporting
  • Provides specialist functionality for each discipline

Solution Overview

Clinical Laboratory
Improve your sample management efficiency

Transfusion Medicine
Simplify your routine blood bank procedures to ensure an efficient and safe workflow  read more...

Improve your microbiology work processes by standardising and automating key functions read more...

Fast and Reliable Communication
Create a faster and more reliable communication system between hospital and laboratory read more...

Quality Management
Create method-related standard operating procedures with our comprehensive quality management tools read more...

Linking Laboratories
Put complex resource utilisation and organisational concepts into practice read more...

DRG support
Supplement medical records by deriving diagnoses from your laboratory analysis results read more...

Reduce your workload by automating invoicing and billing with our integrated accountancy tools read more...

Statistics and Evaluation
Enable a wide range of evaluations and keep track of the large amount of data held in your laboratory read more...

Solution Detail

Clinical laboratory

Improve your sample management efficiency with our clinical laboratory tools.

  • Print secondary barcodes for sub classification at any time
  • Scan samples directly into specifically defined locations
  • Configure ordering and report functions individually
  • Display and integrate result graphics into reports
  • Identify and correct errors early with integrated alerting function
  • Improve quality control with automatic warning messages
  • Record every activity with a full audit trail
  • Dispatch, monitor and evaluate referrals to off-site laboratories efficiently
  • Integrate off-site laboratories and physicians via HL7

Blood group and product management

Our blood bank module simplifies your routine procedures to ensure an efficient and safe workflow.

  • Define individual routine templates for recording results
  • Book samples in easily with electronic delivery notes
  • Find patient records and blood preserves quickly
  • Produce and manage both patient and external blood products
  • Support the validation process with an online recording system and integrated document management system
  • Integrate management systems for billing calculations
  • Comply with blood group and blood product management legal guidelines


iSOFT Laboratory solutions help improve your microbiology work processes by standardising and automating key functions. Multiple configuration options let you remodel complex microbiology processes and the system reacts to test results with the relevant request for a follow-up.

  • Automate test reactions and requests for follow ups
  • Adapt criteria and assessment rules to individual laboratory requirements
  • Scale to encompass all microbiology requirements
  • Configure starter sets for frequently requested examinations
  • Show complex work processes in a clear structure
  • Carry out plausibility control when checking results
  • Automate comparison of standard reaction patterns and incompatibilities
  • Highlight reportable diseases automatically with the integrated warning system

Fast and Reliable Communication

Our Laboratory solutions create a faster and more reliable communication system between hospital and laboratory. You can utilise paperless order requests and transmit results irrespective of the existing hospital information system.

  • Interface with external order placers
  • Print barcode labels specifically for the patient and the requested examination
  • Check results quickly on the screen
  • Print out daily results with updated readings
  • Transmit results to the hospital information system
  • Track clinical findings and the availability of blood products
  • Facilitate decentralised point-of-care testing
  • Assess results with reference values relevant to the patient
  • View patient readings as cumulative graphics

Quality management

Our comprehensive quality management tools let you create method-related standard operating procedures (SOPs) that can be made available throughout your entire system. This allows your hospitals and laboratories to respond to the increasing demand for high quality laboratory services and enhances your competitiveness with efficient resource management.

  • View a patient’s record and track samples from every department
  • Store any type of document in the central archive
  • Control individual access rights
  • Administer all equipment and workstations centrally
  • Issue automatic reminders for impending service and maintenance deadlines
  • Record use of equipment during daily routines

Linking laboratories

iSOFT Laboratory solutions let you put complex organisational concepts into practice, including those involving details of resource utilisation.

  • Form one single organisational and technical unit from laboratories based in separate buildings
  • Link workstations to a central server
  • Eliminate internal interfaces with a uniform data structure
  • Provide a wider range of services by using equipment efficiently and more economically
  • Create a modern and effective back-up system with high availability and system stability

DRG Assistant

The iSOFT DRG Assistant can supplement medical records by deriving diagnoses from your laboratory analysis results.

  • Automatically identify potential special diagnoses
  • Help medical staff optimise their diagnostics


Our integrated accountancy tools reduce your workload by automating invoicing and billing across private pathology providers, health insurance re-imbursement and collective invoices.

  • Calculate parts of an order separately and divide automatically
  • Facilitate any number of physicians, cost units, tariff tables and account regulations
  • Automatically draw up bills
  • Automatically issue reminders and follow-ups

Statistics and evaluation

iSOFT solutions enable a wide range of evaluations and can be used to keep track of the large amount of data held in your laboratory.

  • Evaluate any aspect of the recorded data
  • Answer standard questions with one click of a button
  • Provide users with a systematic and informative analysis
  • Display statistics in a way that meets users’ own individual needs
  • Store evaluation results for later processing
  • Print or export or all data
  • Allocate specific statistics to precise user groups


Our laboratory information system can be parameterised in a very flexible way, which enables us to make each individual work process extremely effective.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Aufenanger

Case Study

An iSOFT Digital Laboratory Solution helped Ingolstadt Clinic streamline the processing of 2.2 million analyses per year and resolve issues of timeliness, accuracy and cost.

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