iSOFT Emergency Department solutions provide you with consistent data capture, a standardised workflow across the whole of your Emergency Department and accurate analysis and reporting tools that help you improve your processes and better meet targets.

CSC Solutions

iSOFT Emergency Department solutions provide key Emergency Department functions, including Triage Management, Patient Tracking and Clinical Documentation, that are designed to compliment the workflow of your Emergency Department with extensive yet uncomplicated functionality that is customisable to your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive tracking of all your patients and beds
  • Proper and consistent clinical documentation
  • Seamless integration with your other hospital systems
  • Configurable to your needs
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible reporting
  • Customisable dashboards

Solution Overview

Track Waiting times
Better meet your targets with our comprehensive tracking features read more...

Integrate internal and outside systems
Reduce inefficiencies and improve your patient care

Standardise Workflow
Mimic your existing workflows and standardise your processes

Consistent and Secure Data
Improve your data collection and security while expanding access read more...

Standardised Dashboards
Improve your processess and simplify tasks with standardised dashboards read more...

Robust Technology
Future proof your investment with robust technologies

Improve department performance with our comprehensive reporting tools

Solution Detail

Track Waiting Times
Our comprehensive tracking features help you better meet your targets and identify process inefficiencies.

  • Utilise locally imposed wait targets
  • Receive automatic notifications when patients near target breach
  • Give your Emergency Department managers full visibility across status of any room, cubicle, and waiting area
  • Better identify any potential delays
  • Track patient flow through your department

Integrate Internal and External systems
Our solutions help you reduce inefficiencies and improve your patient care by seamlessly integrating your Emergency Department with internal hospital systems and external consultation records.

  • Record and track external consultations in patient records
  • Use mobile technology to enter and view patient data and charts from any location
  • Streamline your test ordering and result processing
  • Avoid unnecessary repeat tests

Standardise Workflow
iSOFT Emergency Department solutions are fully customisable to mimic your existing workflows. We can help you realise significant time and cost savings through standardisation of your processes.

  • Capture all key patient tracking and reporting information
  • Improve your billing and payment processes

Consistent and Secure Data
Improve your data collection and security while expanding access to relevant and necessary information for your users.

  • Improve data entry with easy to use, intuitive and non-complicated screens
  • Achiever greater and quicker capture of data by using mandatory items
  • Store your patients' paper documents securely within the patient record.
  • Speed up your registration process
  • Make it easier to find patient demographics

Standardised Dashboards
Our solutions use standardised dashboards to help you improve your processes by simplifying tasks. This allows you to reduce your staff training costs without affecting the quality of your patient care.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Dedicated and all-inclusive screens

Robust Technology
All iSOFT solutions are technologically robust and future proofed.

  • Uncomplicated and quick installation
  • Reduce costs and improve interoperability by using our SQL Server solution rather than an alternative proprietary backend
  • Bi-directional HL7 interfacing provides superior integration capability
  • Allow your users access any patient/hospital document from any department across the hospital
  • Integrate with existing PAS solution

Our solutions help you improve your department’s performance by providing a suite of comprehensive review and evaluation tools.

  • Better respond to trends in patient movements and improve staffing levels
  • Produce accurate and timely clinical reporting
  • Track your patients through the department
  • Utilise our simple and logical reporting tools