Department Solutions

CSC Department solutions are designed to provide comprehensive management and process support across all hospital departments while withstanding the demanding and dynamic hospital environment.

Support your staff, enhance workflow and improve your efficiency across your Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy, Emergency and Theatre departments.

CSC Solutions


iSOFT provides comprehensive laboratory information management systems that are compatible with common information standards and industry protocols. Our laboratory solutions help scientists, technicians and management staff to track samples and testing processes, communicate results to other health professionals, monitor costs and create reports.

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CSC Solutions


iSOFT Radiology is designed to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing diagnostic imaging environment. Integrated with best practice picture archiving and communication systems, these solutions facilitate the transition to a filmless environment and provide instant access to critical patient information at the right time.

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CSC Solutions


iSOFT Pharmacy allows all aspects of hospital pharmacy practice to be managed within a single system including all your pharmacy dispensing, inventory and cost centre accounting requirements.

Medication management is substantially improved and decreasing incidents due to illegible handwriting, calculation and transcription errors provides enormous quality and safety benefits.

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CSC Solutions


iSOFT Emergency Department solutions provide you with consistent data capture, a standardised workflow across the whole of your Emergency Department and accurate analysis and reporting tools that help you improve your processes and better meet targets.

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CSC Solutions


iSOFT Operating Theatre provides complete department and clinical management functionality that supports the booking and documentation of all relevant care in the operating theatre while providing essential real-time information about the operating suite and the progress of the patient journey.

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