iSOFT Health Information Exchange Suite

iSOFT Health Information Exchange Suite collects, stores and shares vital patient data across disparate systems and departments to provide clinicians and organisations access to relevant information in a timely manner.

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iSOFT Health Information Exchange Suite provides a scalable and flexible integration platform for the collecting, storing and sharing of patient information to support the management of patient care and business performance. By combining patient information from multiple sources, iSOFT Health Information Exchange Suite serve as the foundation for community health information sharing with personalised and convenient options for all.

Our comprehensive HIE solution brings together our industry leading data collection, interoperability, integration, repository and analysis solutions to help you achieve key HIE objectives. Support clinicians with more complete, accurate and timely information, facilitate the exchange of summary data about patient health status, support syndromic surveillance and population health, and provide benchmarking and outcomes data with one simple to use platform.

Key Benefits

  • Measures and improves quality, safety and efficiency of care
  • Reduces healthcare disparities
  • Engages patients and families
  • Enhance access to care
  • Improves care coordination
  • Improves population and public health
  • Helps contain the cost of healthcare

Solution Overview

Interoperability and Integration
The exchange of patient data is facilitated by our iSOFT Integration Engine read more...

Patient Identity Services
Assign unique identifiers to patients across your systems 

Complementary iSOFT Solutions
Integrate a range of clinical solutions seamlessly

Solution Detail

Interoperability and Integration
The exchange of patient data is facilitated by our iSOFT Integration Engine (Viaduct). Viaduct is an easy to use platform that enables software solutions to exchange patient data in the required format to ensure seamless integration and interoperability. This saves you time and money by ensuring a seamless flow of information that facilitates the continuity of patient care.

Similar to using a whiteboard to map business processes, Viaduct can be used to design, build, test, deploy and maintain application integration processes without the need to write code. Advanced monitoring capabilities provide managers with the power to view every integration process within the organisation for rapid pinpointing and resolving of issues.

The Service Oriented Integration environment enables Enterprise Application Integration and facilitates a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) by exposing legacy systems as reusable services. Read more about Viaduct

Patient Identity Services    
Our Patient Identity Services allow our solutions to uniquely identify patients across your systems to accurately link  records across your facilities. The result of our strategic partnerships with 3rd party providers, these eMPI tools improve your patient care, help maintain data integrity and promote enterprise wide collaboration.

Complementary iSOFT Solutions
We offer a range of clinical solutions that integrate seamlessly with our HIE solution to extend services and functionality across your organisation. Learn more about our suggested additions in the links listed below.

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