CSC’s range of internationally recognised solutions provide health professionals with accurate, timely information that lets them focus on the patient in front of them. Developed to automate care processes and support defined workflows, our solutions improve patient outcomes by enabling the transfer, storage and availability of patient information across the care continuum.

We understand the inherent need for providers to share vital information across care facilities through Health Information Exchange technologies that create electronic health records capable of traveling with an individual and available at every point of care.

Clinical Collaboration

Our Clinical Collaboration solutions help healthcare providers better manage and share clinical information across disparate care facilities and departments. Our collaboration solutions facilitate the exchange and bringing together of relevant patient information in a context that assists meaningful analysis and effective treatment

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Integration Engine

Our integration solutions address the system interoperability challenges healthcare provider organisations face. Our easy to use integration platforms enable software solutions to share information when needed and in the required form, ensuring seamless integration and letting your best of breed applications communicate with each other.

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The foundation of a connected care strategy, Lorenzo solutions enable collaboration and interoperability across all sectors of care and remove traditional barriers to sharing health related information and electronic record management.
Lorenzo creates virtual health networks that securely connect doctors, care facilities and patients while protecting your organisations’ previous investments by integrating seamlessly with existing systems.

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Department Solutions

CSC Department solutions are designed to provide comprehensive management and process support across all hospital departments while withstanding the demanding and dynamic hospital environment.

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Enterprise Scheduling

Proven booking and referral solutions for the healthcare community. Enterprise Scheduling enhances staff productivity and patient service by delivering greater operational efficiency and increased patient throughput.

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Hospitals & Clinics

CSC Hospital and Clinic solutions provide complete information and administrative support systems that help you better manage the patient journey whilst ensuring accuracy and safety.

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Primary Care

Our Primary Care solutions are tailor made to meet the needs of Aged Care, Social Care, Community Care and GP practices of any size. Designed to improve patient care whilst delivering you cost and time savings, these tools help you streamline your processes and better utilise, manage and share the data your organisation creates.

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