History of Healthcare Group, CSC

Healthcare Group, CSC is a world leading organisation in the provision of software solutions to healthcare organisations.

iSOFT is acquired by CSC

Acquired UltraGenda BV

Name changed to iSOFT Group Limited (ASX:ISF)
Entered S&P/ASX 200 index
Acquired Hatrix Systems
Acquired BridgeForward, Inc
Acquired Patient Safety International
Established US headquarters in Boston, MA

IBA Health Limited acquired iSOFT Group PLC
IBA Health acquired 51% People’s Health, China

IBA Health
Acquired Monet Technologies IP
Acquired Health Logic (Malaysia)
Acquired YingShen Infocom Pte Ltd, China
Initiated Joint Venture with Huashan IT, Shanghai
Established regional Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

iSOFT Group revises and extends agreements with CSC after CSC replaces Accenture on NPfIT

IBA Health
Acquired MEDICOM Solutions Private Limited.
Established R&D Centres of Excellence
Acquired Monet Technologies Australian Primary Care Business
Acquired KODAK rights
Acquired Terranova Pacific Services NZ
Acquired Silver Chain Residential & Community Care Solution
Became a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner

iSOFT Group
Acquired Spanish hospital information service provider Novasoft Sanidad

IBA Health acquired KCS

iSOFT Group signed contracts for NPfIT with CSC and Accenture

IBA Health
Sold UK HIS business to Torex
Acquired Medical Spectrum

iSOFT Group
Completed £368m merger with Torex and acquired significant businesses in Germany and the Netherlands as well as IBS

IBA Health qualified as ESA provider to the Commonwealth Government of Australia

iSOFT Group acquired Revive Group, Northgate Information Systems and Paramedical

iSOFT Group
Established dedicated offshore development business in Chennai, India
Completed acquisitions of ACT Medisys and Eclipsys

IBA Health
Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange
Acquired Cable & Wireless Optus eHealth Transaction Business

iSOFT Group
Full listing on London Stock Exchange

IBA Health acquired SWi

iSOFT Group acquired CSC’s Australian healthcare systems business

iSOFT senior executives, backed by LLoyds TSB Development Capital undertook an MBO of the company

iSOFT business founded in 1994 as a separate partnership with KPMG Management Consulting.

IBA Health entered UK Market

IBA Health entered NZ Market

IBA’s first major public contract for PAS