eAdmissions Portal

CSC eAdmissions provides a modern approach to patient registration and clinical history collection by enabling patients and their careers to submit administrative and clinical history prior to hospital admission.

The problem

Patients often find paper-based pre-admission forms laborious and perplexing. For frequent hospital visitors who are required to complete a new set of forms for each admission, the admission process can be repetitive, time consuming and increasingly frustrating. On the receiving end, paper based forms can be just as cumbersome. Hospital administrative staff that are required to enter patient information into the hospital record system often have to decipher poor handwriting and chase missing or unclear information.

The solution

Incomplete and inaccurate patient information impacts on patient safety as well as hospital resources and the CSC Patient Flow solutions aim to address this issue as they focus on achieving an uninterrupted flow of patients and information around hospitals. Complete, accurate and timely information prior to admission is a foundation of patient flow and CSC in partnership with EpiSoft provides CSC eAdmissions - an online admission solution that streamlines the preadmission process.

Benefits to the Patient

From a patient perspective, CSC eAdmissions provides an intuitive, easy to use interface for patients to enter their demographic details, clinical history, medications and allergy information prior to admission to hospital. The solution is convenient, offers guidance and also ensures the privacy of what is often sensitive information. Context specific help explains each question so that patients can complete forms accurately and easily.

Benefits to the Hospital

From a hospital perspective, CSC eAdmissions gives hospitals the information they need to operate safely and efficiently. The solution eliminates the error prone and labour intensive task of entering information from handwritten forms, by delivering complete, validated information in an electronic format ready for automated transfer to hospital information systems. Furthermore, the eAdmission portal assists with consent management as it ensures that required permissions are obtained from the patient during the admission process.

  • Entry of allergies and current medications via a user friendly search and selection feature
  • Automated field checking to ensure that patients enter the required information
  • Online data validation checks for all health insurance card types
  • Ability to attached scanned documents such as referrals, surgical consent forms etc
  • Ability to review patient data in print and view friendly PDFs prior to submission
  • Ability to present different hospital branding according to admission type
  • Website administrator console

Additionally when integrated to a hospital’s patient administration system (PAS), CSC eAdmisions reduces the time taken and number of steps required to register a patient. Not only is the information legible, but it is also pre-coded for automated transfer to hospital information systems.

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