Queue Management

Improve outpatient flow from presentation to check-out with the CSC Queue Management solution that enables managers to efficiently organise staff and resources.


The process of patient care often involves services from several departments and multiple steps for a single episode of care. If not accurately scheduled, the experience can be negative for all involved. Patients are overwhelmed and confused while staff are frustrated and delayed. The organisational impact is reduced patient flow resulting in higher cost and reduced revenue.

CSC and Qmatic

CSC has partnered with Qmatic to provide scheduling solutions for outpatient departments, private clinics, accident and emergency departments and primary care practices. This flexible solution can be tailored to meet the needs of an individual organisation and can be fully integrated with CSC’s Patient Management solution i.PM.

Managing patient

The solution manages the flow of patients and their associated information from check-in to check-out covering stages such as calling a patient in the waiting room, tracking a patient’s status and provision of information about the entire visit including treatment and waiting times.

Patients check themselves in and out of appointments using what is now familiar kiosk technology. This frees reception staff to devote more time to patients who need extra help. The solution improves workflows and increases efficiency for a more streamlined, satisfying and informative patient experience.

Benefits and pay-back

Improved patient experience from visit schedule transparency and shorter waiting times

  • Full service utilisation and high patient through-put for increased revenue
  • Clinicians have visibility of patients waiting and any delays
  • Convenience of directly referring patients from rooms to departments such as radiology and pathology
  • Estimated pay-back on initial investment: 12 to 18 months

Learn more

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