Notification Manager (SMS)

Reduce appointment “no-shows” by up to 37% with the CSC Notification Manager solution that enables hospital out-patient and private clinics to operate more efficiently.

Effective appointment

Effective appointment scheduling is a key requirement common to all care systems. On average, 15-20% of clinic appointments are ‘no shows’, due to patients either forgetting or cancelling their appointment. For healthcare providers the financial impact is two-fold: first resources are consumed but not utilised and second billable revenue is reduced.

Leading SMS solution

CSC has partnered with MessageMedia, a leader in SMS solutions, to provide clients with a two way messaging service fully integrated with CSC’s Patient Management solution, i.PM. The solution enables healthcare providers to send appointment reminders. When an appointment is cancelled, patients are prompted to reschedule. Messages can be sent by text to mobile, or through notification via voice messages to a dedicated landline.

Increase patient satsfaction

The messaging solution offers health providers an immediate, yet non-intrusive way to connect with patients to ensure that patients receive the right care at the right time, increasing patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. Compared to reminding patients by phone, email or ‘snail-mail’, the CSC SMS solution is a more convenient option which significantly reduces communications and administrative costs, and requires no additional investment in hardware or software.

Benefits and pay-back

  • Saves time and improves attendances by automating appointment reminders Patients are able to remotely cancel, and in some cases, to reschedule appointments without staff assistance
  • Efficient way to reschedule appointments and update patients for greater satisfaction
  • Estimated pay-back on initial investment: approximately 6 to 9 months

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