Bed Management

Maximise bed occupancy and decrease waiting times with the CSC Bed Management solution that empowers users to allocate and manage beds for improved patient flow.

Effective bed management

Effective bed management plays a crucial role in providing the right care at the right time. Poor bed management can bring a hospital to a grinding halt as patients accumulate in the emergency department, leading to long delays, poor care, increased clinical risk and reduced revenue. Research indicates that emergency department overcrowding is linked to patient mortality.

CSC’s Bed Management is designed to address these problems by enabling staff to; allocate beds, proactively ‘pull’ the right patients to the ‘right’ place, know the status of patients and beds at all times, and manage changes quickly.

Fully integrated with i.PM, the solution is not just a viewer, it provides users with standard data entry as well as drag-and-drop capability to manage beds and allocate patients.

CSC’s Bed Management solution provides real-time information updates before and during admission, transfers or discharges - keeping carers informed at all times.
Benefits and pay-back

  • Improved bed utilisation leading to increased patient throughput and greater hospital efficiency
  • Streamlined booking processes to avoid access blocks
  • Real time reporting of patient status and bed conditions maximises bed occupancy rates
  • Estimated pay-back on initial investment: approximately 6 to 12 months

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