EMR - Mobility Suite Solution

Anywhere, anytime access to the medical record on mobile devices for vital clinical information

A single point
of access

We developed CSC’s EMR – Mobility Suite as a solution to improve care quality and efficiency. By streamlining access to patient and clinical information via mobile devices like iPads and iPhones, our Mobility Suite makes it possible for clinical staff to refocus on patient care.

Mobility Suite draws on the various hospital information systems to provide a single point of access to the medical record. In an instant, doctors and nurses can obtain the real-time information they need.

12,800 clinician
hours saved

Through Mobility Suite, Cabrini doctors have access to laboratory results, radiology, PACS imaging and bedside monitoring data right on their iPads – saving them many hours each week.

More time for
patient care

Recording clinical notes
With Mobility Suite clinical staff can now enter notes at the bedside, in the hospital or even in the patient’s home. The information is instantly added to the patient’s medical record. No more transcribing, no more double entry and no more delays.

On the ward
For doctors the benefits of using the Mobility Suite begin immediately. Where once it was necessary to obtain a hardcopy patient list from reception, doctors can now select their patient list right on their iPads and see instantly and in real-time where and how their patients are.
With all the information at their fingertips, doctors are able to spend quality time at the bedside instead of chasing results and paperwork. This means more time to observe and interact with patients.

Out in the community
Mobility Suite is a powerful tool for community care programs. Instead of lugging around medical records, visiting carers just take their 3G connected iPad. This gives them information about how to find patients homes, access to the patient’s medical record and the ability to add clinical notes.


For doctors:

  • Speed – rapid access to medical records for informed clinical decision making
  • Convenience – an instant patient list and diagnostic results for both pathology and radiology at your fingertips
  • Control – place orders and approve treatments on the go
  • Mobility – seamless service between 3G and WIFI environments for access on and off campus
  • Communication – improved engagement with patients and families using your iPad as a teaching and explanation aid

For nurses:

  • Easily locate patients within the hospital
  • Instantly see available beds
  • Make observations at the bedside and directly into the medical record
  • Rapidly access patient summaries for discharges and transfers
  • No need to carry heavy files or maps when doing home care visits

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