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Read about our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) delivers a single, chronological patient record.

Information and
decision support

Laboratory services play a critical role in healthcare. To meet evolving demand, labs need a LIMS that allows them to adapt to change, support sophisticated automation and manage complex integration. The pay-off? Pathologists and laboratory staff unburdened by menial tasks and free to support clinicians with expert insights and excellent service.

Used by more than 300 labs, our LIMS is a comprehensive, user configurable solution adapted to suit Australian and New Zealand requirements.


  • Single view of the patient with a chronological and contiguous patient record
  • Rapid sample turnaround time
  • Reduced inappropriate and duplicate testing
  • Sample tracking for efficient and trouble-free specimen management
  • The convenience of direct clinician access to results via the unique order and results viewing portal
  • Process standardisation efficiency and reliability via complex workflows and configurable rules
  • Robust volume processing for speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness


The solution includes specialist functionality for every laboratory discipline, including anatomical pathology, transfusion medicine and mortuary.

Proven and advanced, CSC Laboratory is used by more than 300 of the world’s leading hospitals and diagnostics services.

  • Advanced automation: integrates with lab equipment for automated high volume processing, monitoring, audit and quality control
  • Extensive client customisation of reporting, workflows, decision support and rules
  • Built-in smart workflows and decision support tools
  • Multi-facility integration, configuration and management
  • Advanced billing and accounting suitable for private and public laboratory needs
  • Instrument management – easy, multi-point control over analysers and communications
  • Powerful data mining and statistical reporting

An integrated and complete system

Whilst many lab information systems cover only select laboratory functions, CSC Laboratory is a comprehensive solution that includes specialist functionality for every laboratory discipline.

  • Clinical laboratory – core functions for all laboratory disciplines
  • Blood bank – includes cross matching serology and product control
  • Microbiology – includes decision support for antimicrobial testing
  • Anatomical pathology – includes case management with synoptic reporting
  • Mortuary – includes body tracking

The solution also includes modules for efficient service management.

  • Clinician access – order entry and result viewing
  • Patient reporting – flexible formatting and distribution according to referrer preference
  • Statistics reporting – SQL based data mining and reporting
  • Billing - advanced billing and accounting customised to Australian requirements

Anatomical pathology and synoptic reporting

Developed in partnership with Australian pathologists, our new anatomical pathology module supports complex workflows and provides synoptic reporting. Built-in workflows enable standardised processing according to sample type - for improved efficiency, reliability and quality.

The module encompasses histology, cytology, and mortuary, providing a paperless solution for the anatomical pathology workflow from registration, specimen receipt, cutup, resulting and through to final reporting.


Methodical specimen processing and organism identification, such as for antibiotic testing, is provided via specialised workflows and decision support. For quality assurance and traceability, full auditing is included.

Blood Sciences (chemistry and haematology)

For high throughput, efficiency and automation, integration with robotic specimen processing systems and analysers is available. Other functionality includes: quality control management, batch processing and user defined differential counters.
Results can be presented cumulatively, graphically and as scatter plots.

Transfusion Medicine and Product Management

CSC Laboratory includes features for managing blood and blood products. Automated electronic labelling combined with patient history management provides complete records and ensure safe transfusions.

Electronic dispatch notes are automatically imported along with additional detail such as antigen genotype information, enabling technicians to safely cross-match patients with atypical red cell antibodies for safe transfusions.

Other related features include:

  • Electronic cross match depending on recorded patient’s transfusion history, information available / testing of the products and other user defined rules
  • Local configuration allows multiple methods of blood group and antibody screening with appropriate interpretations applied to each method
  • Management of autologous and reserved donations
  • Product audit trail that details all activities that have occurred for a specific stock unit
  • Special rules for emergency issue

Ease of use

Designed for intuitive use, the system features wizards and configurable workflows for process standardisation and optimisation.


Suitable for small and large laboratory networks, CSC Laboratory can be used as a central server or distributed multi-server system, supporting one or multiple laboratories.

Highly configurable
Each lab is different and needs change over time. The solution is highly configurable and includes extensive client customise options such as form design tools, report definitions, decision support, rules and workflows.

Direct and immediate clinician access to test results

The unique clinician access portal provides the convenience of direct physician ordering and results viewing, for better information access, communication and capacity planning.

Reporting (patient results)

Powerful reporting includes flexible formatting and graphing of results. Referrer profiles can be defined to support the preferred delivery mechanism, e.g. hardcopy, fax, email or electronic transfer to Practice Management Systems. Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically based on criteria.

Quality control
Advanced quality control includes a fully integrated quality control package as well as patient and process quality functions.

High Performance CACHE Database for Volume Processing
Intersystem’s renowned CACHE 2010 provides the backbone for superior performance, scalability and redundancy.

Integration capability

CSC Laboratory includes advanced integration capability for connection with analyser and system interfaces to ensure effective monitoring as well as reliable and rapid delivery of results.

The system uses industry standard interfaces for connection to external systems based on various industry standard protocols, including HL7.

The fully integrated billing module is adapted to the Australian market and includes user defined rules such as those specified by the Medicare Billing Schedule.

CSC - an ideal labs partner

Laboratory information systems are complex, involve extensive integration and need to be both reliable and capable of processing high volumes. As the largest health IT company in Australia and New Zealand, CSC has successfully delivered more health IT projects than any other vendor in the region. We are a team of 3,000 health IT specialists, including an experienced implementation and support team backed by proven customer support resources.

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