MedChart Solution

Read about how MedChart provides hospitals, clinics and aged care facilities with end-to-end medication management that improves medication safety.

End-to-End Medication Management

Used by leading hospitals in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, MedChart is fully web based, easy to deploy and includes electronic prescribing, pharmacy review, drug administration and clinical decision support.

MedChart is the only electronic medication management solution in Australia that is implemented across an entire hospital.


  • A clear definitive picture of each patient’s medications that is accessible at anytime by all carers/clinicians
  • Eliminates paper chart based errors and reduces medication error
  • Decision support configurable to support the various needs of the care team – promotes best practice while preserving clinical freedom
  • Facilitates increased pharmacy involvement in clinical care Increases ability of nurses to coordinate care and to share responsibilities
  • Supports accurate and efficient drug administration
  • Improves communication between nursing, medical and pharmacy staff
  • Configurable protocols to support quality based complex prescribing

Momentum for eMM is Growing

eMM is one of the few interventions proven to improve medication safety and as a result, hospitals all over the world are implementing these solutions. MedChart is now in use at hospitals in Australia, New Zealand and in the United Kingdom.


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