Theatre Management (ORMIS)

CSC Theatre solutions provide you with a full clinical department management solution for the operating suite.

Essential real-time information

Our solutions let you integrate processes using industry standard PAS applications via HL7 messages and support the booking and documentation of all relevant care in the operating theatre, providing you with essential real-time information about the operating suite and the progress of the patient journey.

Key Benefits

  • Allows theatre staff to effectively manage their resources
  • Provides complete real-time patient tracking
  • Optimises management of theatre schedules
  • Maximises the throughput of the theatre
  • Gives staff an overview of theatre activity
  • Identifies current and/or potential delays in theatre schedule
  • Provides comprehensive patient tracking from waiting list, through to recovery and discharge
  • Supports inventory and equipment management
  • Allows for the assignment of surgeon preference cards
  • Enables real-time recording of patient events for the accurate analysis of theatre use

Solution Detail

Waiting List

CSC Waiting List solutions lets you enter and access patient waiting list records either manually or via the HL7 interface.

  • Schedule patients on the appropriate operating theatre list
  • Present a record of events associated with the patient prior to the scheduling of surgery
  • Create pre-admission bookings
  • Manage admission information
  • Generate patient booking letters


Our Pre-Admission Clinic functionality helps you streamline your processes and increase the efficiency of your admissions procedures.

  • Capture and record assessment items during pre-admission clinic visits or telephone assessments
  • Create an internal clinic with fixed-length slots that can be allocated during the waiting list booking process
  • Create locally defined assessment items for clinics
  • Access assessments from the Pre-Admission Clinic list or directly from the Waiting List screen


Our Patient Booking functions allow your bookings clerk/surgeons’ secretary to schedule patients on the operating lists and record the staff who will participate in the operation with ease. This facilitates efficient and flexible usage of your operating theatre and provides data for later analysis.

  • Allocate one or more procedure codes within the OPCS4, ICD 10 or CMBS code set to bookings
  • Identify the average length of time for the procedure by hospital, surgeon or surgeon and anaesthetist
  • Bring together the bookings and the theatre schedule
  • Allow the allocation of inventory and equipment
  • Take into account surgeon preferences and the identification of equipment conflicts
  • Allow users the ability to fine-tune a theatre list prior to printing
  • Manage the order of the list from the schedule screen
  • Plan the order of patients on the basis of usual theatre rules involving, for example, MRSA or a latex allergy

Perioperative care

Our Perioperative Patient Lists let you locate and track patients inside the operating suite with a real-time tracking screen for an individual theatre, theatre suite or campus view. They allow you to better manage patient flow, from sending for the patient and producing porter call cards to accepting the patient into the theatre suite.

Intraoperative care

Manage your intraoperative care of the patient using touch screen technology. This allows for fast and accurate input of clinical information pertinent to the patient’s treatment within the operating room.

The OTS supports the capture of real- time events, tracking from anaesthetic room to operating room, the start and end of the procedure and the handover of staff during theatre sessions.

Capture of swab counts, actual inventory usage, prosthesis, batch and serial numbers.

All of the current information required in the intraoperative phase can be captured through the site definable Care Plans and clinical notes. The use of templates increases the speed of documentation in a busy theatre suite, and the production of post-operative notes and discharge letters ensures that the patient record is captured fully.

Recovery care

Our Recovery modules allows you to manage and track your patients prior to their theatre suite discharge.

  • Cater for all aspects of patient care, including day case and inpatient theatre
  • Cover direct placing of patients from other healthcare locations
  • Record all nursing and medical interventions against the post-operative patient
  • Take online feeds of vital signs from monitoring equipment
  • Enter vital signs and other observations with a graphical touch screen charting facility
  • Enter care notes within the recovery care plan
  • Manage the stages of recovery through to discharge

Inventory management

Our inventory management systems let you allocate your resources by procedure and surgeon to ensure that the theatre team is aware of expected theatre usage of disposables, non-disposables, prosthesis, CSSD packs and equipment items.

  • Allocate equipment to the theatre and to procedures
  • Manage equipment maintenance schedules
  • Track equipment throughout the theatre suite
  • Compatible with industry standard bar code scanners


With CSC Theatre solutions your reports can be created either as a by-product of day-to-day data entry or by means of user-generated ad-hoc reporting, using our built-in or ‘off the shelf’ report writing tools. The reporting functionality includes a set of modular reports that are asked for on a regular basis because they are the most useful or, more importantly, they are mandatory.

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