Patient Safety

Many health care delivery problems relate to poor logistics and information access. While not on the front line of care delivery, we share with you the responsibility to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

Our solutions are designed to help you target patient safety issues such as: error prone medication management processes; poor information flow across systems and departments; poor access to vital clinical information and poor care coordination.

50% of medication harm preventable

One in 10 hospital patients are harmed while receiving care, and death from medical error exceeds annual road deaths. Of adverse events occurring in hospital, around 30% involve medications. Adverse drug events cost $660 million annually in Australia and are one of the most preventable types of medical harm - around 50% of medication harm is considered preventable 1,2.

Despite the sobering statistics and slow progress, gains are being made. The CSC Medication Management solution, encompassing e-prescribing and drug administration (MedChart) and departmental pharmacy functions (i.Pharmacy/ePharmacy), is one example of an approach that is making a difference. MedChart improves error prone prescribing, charting, review and administration processes while i.Pharmacy/ePharmacy provides control over dispensing, prescribing, stock and the supply chain. Once integrated, the two systems close the loop on medication management.

Greater connectivity in our health systems means better information access for informed and coordinated decision making. Poorly coordinated care has been found to double the risk of drug and medical errors 2. To enhance clinical coordination, CSC provides solutions including: Mobility Suite, Patient Administration Systems (WebPAS and iPM)Medication Management and Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Medication Management

Encompassing e-prescribing and drug administration (MedChart) and departmental pharmacy functions (i.Pharmacy/ePharmacy), CSC Medication Management closes the loop on medication management for reduced medication harm. Achieve seamless management of medications along the entire loop from pharmacy to patient and improve communication between nursing, medical and pharmacy staff.

Mobility Suite

The CSC Mobility Suite for iPhone and iPad gives clinicians what they want – easy access to patient and clinical information anywhere, anytime. At the bedside, home, office or on the move, healthcare professionals always have access to the latest information about their patients.

1. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Reducing and preventing adverse drug events to decrease hospital costs. Research in Action, Issue 1. AHRQ Publication Number 01-0020, March 2001.

2.C. Y. Lu, E. Roughead. Determinants of patient-reported medication errors: a comparison among seven countries. International Journal of Clinical Practice, 2011; 65 (7): 733 DOI:

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