Clinical Management

CSC Clinical Management provides rich clinical functionality and comprehensive decision support engines, relevant to each geographic region.

Integrated with existing patient management applications, clinicians can access electronic patient records in real time, 24 hours a day and from remote locations. They can update records and progress treatment orders, creating a comprehensive care plan.

Easier and quicker

CSC Clinical Management makes information access easier and quicker for your staff. With CSC Clinical Management you can integrate disparate records held by primary and community-based healthcare providers, secondary care institutions and specialist practitioners and organisations to create a comprehensive view of your patients’ information.

Key Benefits

  • Provides comprehensive, longitudinal patient records at the point of care.
  • increases access to knowledge sources and practice guidelines.
  • Improves quality and timeliness of diagnostic, treatment and management decisions.
  • Improves communications within the healthcare team.
  • Decreases clinical risk.
  • Clinician-friendly user interface.
  • Reduces administration costs for information retrieval and distribution.
  • Reduces medical errors.
  • Improves turn-around times on patient care activities.
  • Improves clinician and patient satisfaction.
  • Incremental deployment options allow for budget and resource constraints.
  • Flexible security and audit trails ensure compliance with privacy legislation.
  • Ease of integration with third-party products enhances functionality.
  • Low cost, low risk.
  • Leverages existing infrastructure.
  • Scalable
  • Highly flexible security model.
  • Multiple options for data retrieval and storage of patient records and clinical information
  • Thin client (web browser) delivery
  • Multi-database enabled

Solution Detail

Clinical Information

Our solutions provide you with an easy and intuitive way to access clinical information for each patient. You can extend your usage of patient electronic records to store:

  • Alerts and medical warnings
  • Clinical documents
  • Appointments
  • Attendance and admission summaries
  • Results of diagnostic tests and investigations

Orders and Requests

Improve your clinicians' efficiency by streamlining the creation of orders and requests. With our clinical management solutions your clinicians can reduce administrative burdens by submitting orders and requests directly. This functionality can include:

  • New pathology tests
  • Medical imaging investigation requests
  • Prescribing medications
  • Ancillary or allied health services requests

Online knowledge bases

CSC clinical management solutions make sharing and transmitting your documents electronically easy.

A secure online integration provides your clinicians with access to local knowledge sources in context. This can include access to an online pathology services handbook when viewing patients’ results or creating orders for tests. External knowledge sources can also be accessed by using your intranet or Internet connections.

Manage Patient Records

CSC Clinical management solutions centralise data storage to make record retrieval easier and quicker for your staff. Electronic records make it easier for you to store extensive records and those with longer retention periods that are dictated by law such as for maternity. Our clinical messaging service provides your clinicians with prompts and notifications that include direct links to the patient record. Your clinicians are able to:

  • Immediately view new test and investigation results
  • Review referrals
  • Receive reminders of patient care events
  • Manage patient care transfers or requests for consultations
  • Utilise electronic referrals and discharge summaries

Manage specialist clinical data sets

Our solutions help your clinicians manage data sets through customisable defined data capture forms and associated workflow. These can include:

  • Referrals
  • Clinical assessments
  • Care plans and linked data capture forms
  • Unstructured clinical documents such as outpatient letters and operation notes in draft or final stages

Flexible Security Model

Our highly flexible security model lets you protect and manage sensitive individual patient health information while still offering your clinicians access to ‘need to know’ data.

  • Utilise a configurable system of locks and keys that includes full audit trails.
  • Apply security locks to your applications, functions and patient records as well as individual data elements within records
  • Define your user security profiles to allow access to appropriate information and transactions within the patient record environment
  • Give your patients and their caregivers direct access to their own records
  • Minimise your management overhead
  • Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time

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