Information Exchange Suite

CSC is contributing to the Australian eHealth infrastructure by providing customers with a solution that allows their participation in this initiative.

Australian eHealth - out of the box

CSC’s approach to Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides not only a solution to enable the many and diverse CSC applications for the eHealth agenda but also an agnostic design that will allow our partners and competitors to leverage this platform.

The Problem

Availability of robust patient information in a flexible and fluid manner is recognised as a key area of opportunity in which quantum improvements can be made to enhance the coordination of patient care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The seriousness of pursuing this opportunity is paramount as we remind ourselves that few developed nations can afford the projected costs of healthcare under currently available health management approaches.

Improved coordination implies the timely availability of administrative, logistical and clinical information pertaining to the patient and those resources (human or other) required to deliver care.

Of all the issues that plague healthcare, the majority can be traced back to information we already know in one health service point, not being effectively made available at another service point. In many examples the information is not even clinical, it’s simple logistics.

Logistical improvements rely on a common thread to link together the parts. Australia is on the verge of having access to those threads in the form of eHealth infrastructure.


CSC enjoys one of the largest and broadest footprints of health related information systems in Australia. With systems spanning Primary (GP/Specialists), Aged, Community and Acute Care, CSC is involved in almost every endpoint of the Australian Health system.

CSC is leveraging this footprint to design and develop our solution to an Australian connected and coordinated care model. A solution designed on the actual information products available in Australia and those standards evolving under the NEHTA and federal government initiatives.

The CSC Solution

CSC’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) solution is designed to separate the Australian eHealth Infrastructure services from the individual information systems, encapsulated in CSC’s integration management engine (Viaduct) - a library of adapters allows our customers to select those elements needed to enable their information landscape in the broader eHealth programme.

While a growing number of generic HIE solutions are appearing in the Australian market, CSC is designing and building a solution based on incumbent information systems, the new eHealth Services (such as the Unique Patient Identifier, the Provider Directory, Secure Messaging) and national standards related to eReferrals and eDischarges and ultimately the population of a Personally Controlled EHR.

Click on the image below to view a diagram illustrating the processing of a healthcare scenario utilising the CSC HIE architecture.


The Benefits

The CSC HIE infrastructure is designed and developed in Australia with specific focus on the needs of the Australian eHealth market with the aim of adding value for healthcare participants in this environment.

Implementation of CSC’s HIE will allow connectivity with key Australian eHealth initiatives including the Health Identifier service to better identify patients, the Provider Directory and eReferral and eDischarge Summaries which will ensure secure delivery of patient communication and improved workflow across healthcare organisations and at the transition points of care.

Improved communication and sharing of information via Health Information Exchange will support measurement and improvement of quality, safety and efficiency of care.

The CSC HIE approach allows customers to leverage investment in existing products through an incremental implementation of HIE components: as additional adapters are required they can be enabled.

Several deployment options are available for the CSC HIE solution, allowing flexibility for the variety of desired architectures and supporting centralised, decentralised and distributed deployments.

This HIE platform will help to accelerate participation in an open, standards-based, connected healthcare system.