Practice Management (practiX)

practiX gives users intuitive access to clinical and administrative data. In addition to patient record management, it helps simplify key business processes such as appointment scheduling, billing and clinic management, all within a scalable solution framework that allows organisations to add clinicians and grow to meet expanding demand.

Fully integrated

CSC’s fully integrated clinical, practice management and communication solution, practiX, radically simplifies administrative and care processes for Primary Care. practiX is flexible enough to accommodate your individual style of practice, yet fast and reliable enough to secure the collaboration that will genuinely save time, lower your administrative costs and improve patient outcomes.

Key Benefits
  • practiX easily integrates into your existing practice workflow
  • Manages your practitioner functions with a single program
  • Features a simple and intuitive user interface
  • Enhances productivity and reduces repetitive data entry
  • Allows you to manage more patients without increasing staff levels
  • Supports a wide variety of hardware platforms
  • Low burden of support and low cost of ownership
  • Allows secure access to all your information from anywhere, at anytime
  • Moves your practice towards a paperless environment
  • Expanded reporting capacity that assists with financial and resource planning
  • Makes data available to wired, wireless and remote locations
  • Extends the lifecycle of your computer hardware
  • Virtually unlimited storage capacity

Solution Detail

Information and Data Management

practiX offers you an easy-to-use clinical information management solution with robust data security features.

  • Incorporate your workflow preferences
  • Provide the complete patient record to all clinicians within your practice
  • Manage all images and documents
  • Allow the secure transmission of clinical and financial information
  • Enable integration between health professionals for a seamless and co-ordinated approach to patient care
  • Capture scanned and imported documents and images and attach them directly to patient records

Appointments and Scheduling

practiX lets you extend the traditional appointment diary beyond the walls of your practice.
  • Share a common pool of appointment diaries across multi-site practices
  • Permit bookings to be made from any location
  • Optimise your registration and appointment scheduling processes
  • Reduce appointment management costs

Financial Management

Our patient account management solution lets you manage multiple providers with extensive financial management functionality that includes:-
  • Billing
  • Collection
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Outstanding claims
  • Accounts receivable
  • Bad debt
  • Patient statements

Claim Manager

Integrated EFTPOS and real time patient Medicare rebates for Paid Patient claiming. Watch the video below to see how Claim Manager can benefit your practice.

  • Integrated Commonwealth Bank EFTPOS
  • No double keying between PC and terminal for EFTPOS payments
  • No need for the Practice or Providers to change bank accounts
  • Integrated Medicare Easyclaim
  • On the spot Medicare rebates for patients with Paid Patient claims
  • No need to request or store patient’s bank account details for Paid Patient claim Medicare rebates to their bank account

Our reporting functionality provides you with intelligent patient, financial and clinical data analysis tools. By combining standard and customisable reports with user definable analysis capabilities, our solutions provide you with an effective management control tool.

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