Aged Care Facility Management

CSC’s enterprise-level, client-focused Aged Care management solution is purpose designed for aged and community care organisations of any size. Our retirement, residential aged and community care modules help organisations manage their financial, client care and reporting requirements.

Improve the accuracy and safety of care

CSC Aged Care solutions provide you with facility management and communication tools that are suitable for aged and community care organisations of any size. Integrate data and applications across your organisation, including reporting, billing and client and resident care management. Our software makes it simple for you to exchange this information with other providers, such as GPs, specialists and hospitals, to improve the accuracy and safety of care.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for diverse aged care environments
  • Fully customisable
  • Integrates financial management options and facility administration assessments
  • Improves ability for staff to share information and collaborate
  • Enhances the effectiveness, safety and compliance of care
  • Easily exchanges patient, financial and reporting information with providers, government bodies and other agencies
  • Robust security and audit capabilities
  • Manages data accuracy and backup
  • Greater flexibility in your choice of hardware
  • Facilitates mobile technologies

Solution Detail

Client Care Management

Our solutions provide you with a full range of client care management tools, including:-

  • Planning, assessment and diagnosis tools
  • Clinical documentation
  • ACFI / RCS assessment
  • Medication management
  • Links to GPs and other ancillary primary care products and providers
  • Mobile data entry at the point of care
  • Personal and home care solutions

Facility Administration and Management

Put a full range of facility administrative and management tools at your disposal, including:-

  • Financial management
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Funding and claim reconciliation
  • Human resources
  • Medicare eBusiness compliance
  • Rostering
  • Payroll
  • Equipment and fleet management
  • Contract management

Better information sharing

A simple graphical interface gives your staff fast and easy access to information.

  • Make your data immediately available to everyone
  • Reduce errors and save time
  • Provide your users with real-time access to the latest information
  • Improve your client service and care outcomes

Flexible mobile options

Our mobile functionality helps you improve the efficiency of your mobile workers and provides flexible care options at lower costs for clients who wish to prolong their independence.

  • Fully integrate your handheld devices
  • View and update information remotely and at the point of care
  • Check client information, schedules, procedures or contacts quickly
  • Order equipment and complete client discharge or other documentation from anywhere
  • Send automatic updates straight to your devices

Easy administration

Fully integrate both your financial and human resource management for a complete administrative solution.

  • Comply with your Medicare eBusiness requirements
  • Integrate your ACFI assessment and claiming reconciliation
  • Centralise your rostering, time-sheeting and equipment management
  • Complete your administration tasks quickly, efficiently and consistently

Business Intelligence

Put up-to-date Business Intelligence at your managers’ fingertips with our comprehensive monitoring and reporting tools.

  • Manage multiple facilities from a single location
  • Utilise flexible reporting, including visual scorecards and dashboard
  • Monitor your resource allocation, client movement and key performance indicators
  • Plan effectively by integrating your resource planning

A sound investment

Our software is built on Microsoft technologies including the Microsoft® .NET Framework and Microsoft® SQL Server™ to ensure maximum compatibility with your existing technologies and ease of update and upgrade for future proofing.

  • Secure, reliable infrastructure
  • Fast, simple integration
  • Enterprise-level scalability and serviceability
  • Migrate your data without disrupting daily operations
  • Retain the flexibility to choose the hardware and applications that suit your organisation’s needs
  • Ensure the best possible return on your investment

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