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CSC Healthcare Group wins the HINZ Clinicians’ Challenge

CSC’s Healthcare Group won first place at the recent HINZ 2012 Clinicians’ Challenge.  This winning entry, featuring our clinical Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution, CSC Mobility Suite, was submitted in response to the challenge set by Angus Turnball, a registrar from Hutt Valley District Health Board.  Dr Turnball was looking for a way to use mobile technology to improve hospital productivity.

The Clinicians’ Challenge is an opportunity for clinicians and vendors to work together to identify information technology solutions to solve healthcare delivery problems.  Dr Turnball submitted a challenge focused on improving the ability for clinicians to simultaneously edit ward round or admission notes.

Taking on the wider context of this challenge, CSC’s entry presented our EMR solution, Mobility Suite. Mobility Suite provides anywhere and anytime access to the medical record. Using this solution clinicians are able to view and update patient information as well as order tests and initiate treatments.

In June this year, the Mobility Suite won the CSC 2012 Award for Excellence.  This prestigious global and cross industry award recognises innovative solutions that deliver exceptional value for clients.  In this case, focus was on the outstanding results achieved by Cabrini in Victoria following their implementation of our solution.  Cabrini estimates significant time savings for medical staff as well as reduced bed days.  See the video or download the case study to learn more.

CSC Mobility Suite gives doctors and nurses at Cabrini instant and secure access to contribute to electronic medical records via iPhones and iPads.  Available information includes alerts, allergies, medications and pathology and radiology results.  In a domain where clinician adoption is paramount to achieving beneficial healthcare outcomes, the uptake has been enthusiastic, rapid and voluntary.

This is an EMR that clinicians choose to use.

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